Response Codes


Any RC outside the range of 0-399 (timeout, bad gateway etc) should be considered as "processing" and It requires partner to hit API status after 150 seconds.

Below mentioned are the response codes (RCs) ranges for each type of response code.

Error Code RangeMeaning
0 - 99Success - The payment is successful.
188The transaction is processing.
100 - 199Failed - The payment is failed and balance is refunded to the account.
200 - 299The transaction is processing. Once further updates are available,
a callback will be sent to partner API or partner can get further status via Status API.
300Inquiry Successful - The inquiry for the product is successful.
301 - 399Inquiry failed - The inquiry for the product is failed.
600Cancel Successful - The booking has been canceled successfully.
601 - 699Cancel failed - The booking is failed to cancel

For details regarding each RC, please follow the link